About Leaning Technologies

Who are we?

We got to know each other amidst the ancient walls of our college, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, alma mater of many startuppers and scientists.

Despite having different backgrounds, we have one thing in common: we love technology.

In 2013 we founded Leaning Technologies because we think we can shape how the modern web is created.

The Team

Stefano De Rossi
Founder, CEO
Stefano loves cutting edge technology. Since founding Leaning Technologies, Stefano decided to use the best available compiler techs to make the life of Web application developers easier. For three years, he also worked at the Wyss Insitute of Harvard University as a Staff Researcher and technical lead, making robotics exoskeletons to assist walking. He holds a PhD in Robotics from Sant'Anna School in Pisa, and his research in wearable technologies brought him to work in the USA, Japan and all over Europe. Stefano has a background is Robotics (PhD) and Computer Engineering (MSc), and he shares his alma mater with the two good-looking folks on the right. He is also quite a good cook.
Alessandro Pignotti
Founder, CTO
Alessandro holds a double MSc in Computer Engineering from SSSA and Università di Pisa. During the last few years he has had a chance to get a taste of the multifaceted IT world by working on security, high performance computing and programming language theory in both the academic (University of California Santa Barbara, EPFL) and industrial (Adobe) environments. He also worked as a consultant for Silicon Valley companies. In his spare time, he develops and maintains an open source Flash player implementation called Lightspark. He is now distilling all those experiences in Leaning Technologies' products. He is also quite a good cook.

Massimo Grava
Founder, CFO, COO
Massimo is an eclectic one. He holds a double BSc in Civil Engineering and a double MSc in Robotics and Control Engineering from University of Pisa and Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. After playing with robots at Waseda University in Tokyo, and studying finance at the London School of Economics, he started his career in quantitative finance working as an analyst in the Generali Group head office. He soon went back to technology as an R&D manager at a small software house focusing on SaaS and mobile applications for enterprises, where he became CTO and then CEO. In his spare time he enjoys sailing and learning mandarin. He is also quite a good cook.

Sander van Veen
Compiler engineer
Sander joined Leaning Technologies in early 2015, working on compiler internals, and optimizations for performance and size. Sander holds an BSc in Informatics from the University of Amsterdam.

Maarten van der Sande
Software Engineer
Maarten joined Leaning Technologies in 2015. Maarten hold a double BSc in Biology and Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Amsterdam and specializes in molecular biology and programming, and has a keen interest in combining these fields. When he isn’t studying or coding you can find him either rowing, fencing, biking or playing squash.

Metin Chatzi Omer
Software Engineer
Metin joined Leaning Technologies in 2016 as a Junior Software Engineer. Metin holds a a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Westminster in London, United Kingdom.

Yuri Iozzelli
Compiler Engineer
Yuri joined Leaning Technologies in 2016 as a Compiler Engineer. Yuri holds a double BSc in Information Engineering from Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and the University of Pisa, and will soon graduate with a MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa. His main focus is in the internals of our compile-to-JavaScript technologies.

Pam McKernan
VP Sales
Pam joined Leaning Technologies in 2016 as VP of Sales. Pam graduated from Penn State University as a Mechanical Engineer while playing four years Division One Tennis. She began work at Data General as a Systems Engineer, and was given the opportunity to engage with a client that was a small software company. It was love at first sight. She proceeded to spend the next 25 years as an enterprise software sales executive working with startups. She is passionate about new technologies, loves the challenge of opening up a new territory, and bring to each work day a very rigorous and disciplined methodology.

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