Licensing & Pricing


Cheerp is distributed as a Free and Open Source Software under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License (core compiler) and under the GNU General Public License v2 (libraries).

Cheerp is also available as a commercial product offered with a non-copyleft proprietary license, private support, and premium features.

This page illustrates in detail our licensing options and pricing model.

Three licensing models are available:


Open Source license

Community support

No royalties



Commercial license

Community support

No royalties*

Flat price per developer from €399, see below


Commercial license

Private support

No royalties*

Contact us

* Contact us if you would like to discuss different pricing options, e.g. including royalties.

To obtain a license, and inquiry about pricing, contact us at

Community edition

With our Community Edition, you receive cheerp core compiler and libraries for free. A GitHub project is available for bugtracking and feature requests.

You can use this license to develop any open-source application (including commercial) as well as closed-source, non-commercial applications. As the libraries are licensed under GPLv2, a copyleft license, if you distribute your application you must provide your users access to the sources under the same license.

If you plan to use cheerp for developing closed-source, commercial applications you must buy one of the cheerp commercial editions which are outlined below.

Indie edition

This is a commercial license which allows you to use cheerp to develop closed-source, commercial applications.

We offer a flat-fee, royalty-free, reasonable pricing for Indie developers.

Please contact us at to verify if your company qualifies for an Indie license.

With our Indie license, you will receive the cheerp compiler and non-copylefted libraries (binaries are available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX).

The price for the indie license is a flat fee of EUR 399 for the first developer, and EUR 199 for each additional developer (at most 5 in total).

If you are interest in discussing different pricing options including royalties, please contact us at

Enterprise Edition

This is our main commercial license. Our license is normally royalty-free, but we are available to discuss a pricing which includes royalties

Please contact us at if you want to obtain a license, we will be happy to discuss and negotiate the pricing terms with you, tailored on your situation.

With our Enterprise license, you receive cheerp compiler and libraries, private commercial support, private bug tracking and feature request.

If your application requires some specific feature or library that is currently not supported by cheerp, please contact us at


We also offer a wide range of enterprise-grade consulting, porting and development services, tailored upon the customer's needs. For example:
  • Consulting
  • Code review (NDA-bound if required)
  • Training
  • Porting assistance
  • Optimization advice
  • Complete porting service
Please contact us at for inquiries.