Documentation & Support


> Tutorial

To get started, we advise you to follow the cheerp tutorial, which will guide you through the (simple) steps necessary to compiler your first application.

> Browser-side programming guide

After the tutorial, you can go ahead with the more in-depth browser-side programming guide.

> Cheerp Wiki

The main source for cheerp docs is the project wiki, hosted on GitHub. You can access it here. Your contributions are welcome.

> HTML API reference

You can find the HTML DOM API reference here.


> Community support

To ask the community for support, file an issue on GitHub.

We monitor it constantly and we respond on a best-effort basis.

You can also find us on gitter.

> Have any suggestions? Found a bug?

To send us a suggestion or report a bug you can file an issue on GitHub.

> Commercial support

Enterprise license customers are entitled to priority support (with tailorable SLAs).

For more information, please visit the licensing section of this site.